Clap for VIRO

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Mieux comprendre les virus ...
pour mieux prévenir leurs plans malicieux

Grâce à leur croissance très rapide, les virus ont une capacité incroyable d'évoluer.
Aidez-nous à comprendre comment les virus contournent les défenses immunitaires naturelles et les thérapies antivirales pour établir un socle sur lequel bâtir des vaccins et des thérapies nouvelles.

— Clap for VIRO

The de Duve Institute is a multidisciplinary biomedical research institute hosting several research laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCLouvain, as well as the Brussels branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

The de Duve Institute is based on three key principles:
- priority to fundamental research and freedom of researchers,
- special attention to the medical benefits that may result from fundamental discoveries,
- multidisciplinary collaboration in an environment of skills, techniques and equipment.

The money raised during the crowdfunding campaign will allow the Institute to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and foresee grants to recruit exceptional scientists. By donating you are accelerating research.

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Fabian  —  8 months ago

Go go go, VIRO!

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Anonymous  —  9 months ago
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Cristina  —  9 months ago
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Christiane  —  10 months ago

Je mets beaucoup d’es En votre travail 👍

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Marc  —  10 months ago

Bonne chance!!!!!

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Anonymous  —  10 months ago

What does "fundamental research" means?

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