Immune cells, we will be there for you!

by Matteo Formenti

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Despite major medical advances in the last decades, cancer unfortunately remains a leading cause of death worldwide, with nearly 10 million deaths in 2020.

Normally, our immune system is able to recognize and eliminate tumor cells; however, tumors employ several strategies to hide themselves from the surveillance of our immune system or to weaken its response, thus enabling their own growth and spreading.

Thanks to research studies performed all over the world and also in our institute, new approaches that reinvigorate our immune system to fight against cancer have been developed. Many patients have already benefited from this type of therapy but further studies are needed to achieve a good response in all the patients.

Our team is searching for new strategies that can help immune cells in their battle against cancer. In particular, we are studying how immune cells react to low oxygen levels that are commonly found in tumors and how we can help them to stay strong and active in killing tumors cells despite this harsh condition.

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Malgré les avancées majeures dans la médicine, le cancer est malheureusement une des principales causes de mortalité dans le monde avec près de 10 millions de décès en 2020.

Normalement, notre système immunitaire est capable de reconnaître et d’éliminer les cellules tumorales ; cependant les tumeurs emploient plusieurs stratégies pour s’échapper de la surveillance de notre système immunitaire ce que permet la tumeur de se développer et se propager.

Grâce à des travaux de recherche menés partout dans le monde et également dans notre institut, de nouvelles approches ont été développées qui ont pour but de stimuler notre système immunitaire à lutter contre le cancer. De nombreux patients ont déjà bénéficié de ce type de thérapie mais d’autres études sont nécessaires pour obtenir une bonne réponse chez tout le monde.

Notre équipe recherche de nouvelles stratégies qui peuvent aider les cellules immunitaires dans leur lutte contre le cancer. En particulier, nous étudions comment les cellules immunitaires réagissent au faible niveau d’oxygène dans les tumeurs et comment nous pouvons les aider à combattre les cellules tumorales dans ces conditions difficiles.

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Veronica, Tereza et Matteo

— Matteo

The de Duve Institute is a multidisciplinary biomedical research institute hosting several research laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCLouvain, as well as the Brussels branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

The de Duve Institute is based on three key principles:
- priority to fundamental research and freedom of researchers,
- special attention to the medical benefits that may result from fundamental discoveries,
- multidisciplinary collaboration in an environment of skills, techniques and equipment.

The money raised during the crowdfunding campaign will allow the Institute to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and foresee grants to recruit exceptional scientists. By donating you are accelerating research.

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What does "fundamental research" means?

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