When good genes go bad...

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...Our lab steps in to fight them!

The focus of our research is the identification of gene mutations that cause severe, chronic diseases that have no known causes or cures. We also test why and how these genetic changes cause these diseases, for clues to how we may undo their effects. The patients who will benefit from our work include both adults and children with rare diseases, and their families- Help us make the future brighter!

Quand nos gènes partent en vrille... notre labo est prêt à intervenir!

Notre objectif? Identifier des gènes dont certaines mutations peuvent être à l'origine de maladies chroniques sévères, aux causes inconnues et actuellement incurables. Nous étudions l'impact de ces modifications sur le développement de la maladie, ce qui nous permet d'en comprendre les mécanismes et d'explorer de nouvelles voies thérapeutiques. Qu'ils soient adultes ou enfants, les patients souffrant d'une maladie rare pourront bénéficier de notre travail. Aidez-nous à améliorer leur futur!

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Nisha, Cécile, Gaëlle, Delphine, Elsa, Hiba, Pierre, Laura
GEDI lab

More info? / Plus d'info? https://www.deduveinstitute.be/fr/genes-in-immunity

— When good genes go bad...

The de Duve Institute is a multidisciplinary biomedical research institute hosting several research laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCLouvain, as well as the Brussels branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

The de Duve Institute is based on three key principles:
- priority to fundamental research and freedom of researchers,
- special attention to the medical benefits that may result from fundamental discoveries,
- multidisciplinary collaboration in an environment of skills, techniques and equipment.

The money raised during the crowdfunding campaign will allow the Institute to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and foresee grants to recruit exceptional scientists. By donating you are accelerating research.

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Keep up the great work!

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